All About Kingston Home Heating And Cooling using HVAC Kingston Services

Our Kingston home heating services started nearly 24 years ago in Ontario Canada.  We’re located in the small town of kingston serving a small population of nearly 100,000 community.  Our HVAC Kingston line of products along with our Kingston heating and cooling supplies and deliverables cannot be matched.  We offer one of the most reliable ac brand units called Carrier and we have been doing so in our little community for a very long time.

We have a handful of competitors in our local town, however, 80% of the populous here come to our store and shop our products because we’re simply one of the most reliable ac repair and heating companies locally.

Reins heating performs both residential as well as commercial heating and cooling repair as well.  Our home heating repairs are usually completed same day as we dispatch and we always receive compliments about how professional our service repair men are.

We have dedicated hvac contractors that are both certified and experienced.  Typically when a call comes in, our dispatch service will log the information and direct the order to our certified technician’s ticket queue where it is picked up and taken care of.  The dispatcher will usually schedule an appointment with the client and then dispatch the technician.  Upon arrival, the technician will usually assess the situation and then begin the work.  If for some reason, additional parts or supplies are needed, the customer is always notified before additional work is done.

Over all the process of our services are straight forward and always beneficial to our customers.  In our litle town of Kingston, it doesn’t matter if we provide home heating services, heating and cooling supplies or hvac repair.  Regardless of the services, we always focus on 2 things.  Making sure the customer is satisfied and making certain the equipment is working within 24 hours of the dispatched call.

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